Unlimited Inspiration – Space in European arts and culture

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13. 11. 09 – European Space Policy Institute, Vienna

Contributed by etalks.tv

Organized by ESPI

Speaker: Sally Jane Norman, Newcastle University – Bio


The Arts provide us with a new perspective on space and identity. Sally Jane Norman shows some fresh and inspiring pieces of art, which relate to European space activities. There is extraterrestrial art like figures moved by Russian cosmonauts in space and there are earthbased installations like the sonification of solar natural radio. In addition to that, Norman presents some European art institutions, dealing specifically with space in the arts for decades.

See more Space Art @ the ESA’ financed Space Art Database:



Literature: Zero Gravity Art by Daniel Canogar / Sally Jane Norman:


Daniel Canogar (born Madrid 1964) lives and works in Madrid. He studied visual communications and received his Master’s in photography from New York University and the International Centre for Photography in 1990. Daniel Canogar’s work has long dwelt on issues of immersion and realism, of corporeal images and sensations, of light instrumentalized to reveal figments and traces of visual matter. His consistent use of photography undermines and transcends simple questions of photographic realism, through play with variable scales, obsessive pseudo-repetition and disconcerting projection procedures and surfaces.


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