We don’t want to lose our country

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“Pakistan in Crisis: Female voices from the ground”

Contributed by etalks.tv

Amerika Haus, Vienna, 25.2.2010


  • Arshi Saleem Hashmi – Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad/National Defense University Islamabad-Pakistan  – Bio


  • Christian Ultsch – Austrian daily newspaper “Die Presse” – Bio

In her first lecture to a European audience, Arshi Saleem Hashmi presents a more balanced picture of the Pakistani society and politcal spectrum than usually shown in the different media channels. When it comes to Pakistan, the first associations are usually Islamism, Tribalism, Ethno-Nationalism and Secularism.

But Pakistan is a society full of contradictions. Besides the violence and extremism, there is a growing number of young people and a civil society, which are demanding participation and freedom of expression. With the growing possiblities of electronic communication, a discourse about the political situation and Islam is beginning to evolve.


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  1. Sima sagt:

    What are you worried about losing – Pakistan? Anything that is not yours will never stay with you, Pakistan was created out of the Indian land, This country never existed in history – this is what happens to anything that is not yours, people who were indians for centuries whether muslims, hindus or whatever suddenly on one day became pakistanis – how do you justify it. No religion say create new countries and kill people.

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