Brazil and the New International Order

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Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Vienna, 21.6.2010

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  • Celso Amorim (Minister of External Relations of the Federative Repubic of Brazil) – Bio
While visiting Vienna, Celso Amorim, Brazil’s Foreign Minister since 2003, visited his Alma Mater, the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, where he had graduated in 1967. During his lecture, Amorim speaks about his first stay abroad during his studies in “a very open city” Vienna.

Mr. Amorim goes on to give some insights into the negotiations between Brazil, Turkey and Iran which led to the “Teheran Declaration”, a joint declaration by the three countries adressing the nuclear development of Iran. Consequently, he reminds the audience of the new international order Brazil is already contributing to, from climate policies to a peaceful and united South American continent.


The “Teheran Declaration”


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  1. Brazilian Austrian sagt:

    I also think that countries like Brazil, Turkey and China will play a bigger role in the future. The UN Security counsil doesn’t reflect the power structure of the world today.
    The attitude towards Iran is another great example of that!

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