Return of the city state?

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Keynote: “The Return of the City-State?”

Haus der Industrie, Vienna – October 20th 2010



In the course of the conference  “Global Cities in a Global Village – The City, the State and the International System” organized by the oiip, Saskia Sassen, who coined the term “global city”,  elaborates during her keynote speech aboutThe Return of the City-State”. In order to examine  the major  tendencies  that give cities a more strategic role today, Mrs Sassen uses the conceptual plattform of territory authority rights. Overall  the lecture provides images of novel developments (e.g. switching of institutional frames, important economic actors,  mobility of land)  and all the non urban processes that feed into a new type of strategic geopolitic role of global cities. In response to the title of the lecture: “Is there a Return of the City-State?” – according to Mrs. Sassen, this is not the case. The emerging formats of  modern cities are open and players on many different, often supranational circuits like global politics, economics and finance. 

Saskia Sassen
Committee on Global Thought

Die neue Zentralität – Saskia Sassen

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