Gita Sen: Where is the trump card?

Overcoming the critical barriers to gender equality in development

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April 10, 2013, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

Lecture by
  • Gita Sen | Centre for Public Policy at Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore | Harvard School of Public Health
  • Hanna Hacker | Department of Development Studies University of Vienna
Welcome by
  • Alexandra Toth | VIDC/Wiener Institut


Current Approaches of achieving gender equality

Despite almost four decades of sustained research, advocacy and activism, progress in achieving gender equality in development has been inconsistent and woefully inadequate. Are there critical barriers to making progress, and what are they? The talk identifies strengths and weaknesses of current approaches. It draws on current debates triggered by the processes towards a post 2015 development agenda to reflect on how we can protect, promote and fulfill the human rights of girls and women.


This lecture is part of the lecture series “Feministisch ‘entwickeln’?- Feminist Perspectives on Development”. More Information at

Organisation: VIDC/Wiener Institut in cooperation with the Department of Development Studies at the University of Vienna, the Vienna School of International Studies, der Verband feministischer Wissenschafterinnen (VfW) and Frauensolidarität.



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