Madawi Al-Rasheed: Saudi Arabia and the Challenge of the Arab Uprisings

November 25, 2013, Aula des Uni Campus im Alten AKH

Lecture by
  • Madawi Al-Rasheed | Visiting Professor, London School of Economics
  • Helmut Krieger | Vienna University
  • Magda Seewald | VIDC


So far, the different interventions in the Arab uprisings by the Gulf Cooperation Council and here in particular Saudi Arabia have found little attention in the Western media. Be it the political as well as direct financial and military support of the Syrian insurgency, be it the repression of the protest movement in Bahrain, be it the ideological and financial support of Salafist movements in Egypt and Tunisia, be it the open espousal of the military coup in Egypt or be it the political and economic support of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank: Saudi Arabia’s importance in the current upheaval is a key.


Prof. Madawi Al-Rasheed subjects these different interventions by Saudi Arabia to critical analysis, in order to assess to what extent the containment of revolutionary processes by the Kingdom will shape the forms and trends of the development in the Arab countries.

Organisation: VIDC/Wiener Institut



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