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  • VIDC


    The main political focus of the VIDC is to enhance a critical public debate on issues related to colonialism and racism and to establish an international dialogue based on equality and respect.

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  • Research Platform Human Rights in the European Context

    Research Platform Human Rights in the European Context

    In February 2008, the research platform Human Rights in the European Context was established at the University of Vienna. It assembles academics of 12 departments of the University of Vienna with the purpose of strengthening the inter-disciplinary research on the topic of Human Rights in Europe. The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights serves as the platform’s centre of communication and coordination. Objectives: The interdisciplinary Research Platform Human Rights in the European Context aims at generating knowledge beyond the framework […]

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  • ecoplus


    For decades, the name ecoplus has been synonymous with innovative business and regional development policies. Activities have been focused on developing the business location of Lower Austria – and on supporting companies based in Lower Austria.

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  • ÖGPW


    Östereichische Gesellschaft für Politikwissenschaft (www.opegpw.at) ÖGPW – WAS IST DAS? “ÖGPW” steht für Österreichische Gesellschaft für Politikwissenschaft. Die ÖGPW wurde 1970 gegründet und hat derzeit über 600 Mitglieder: StudentInnen, AbsolventInnen und UniversitätslehrerInnen der Politikwissenschaft ebenso wie VertreterInnen der außeruniversitären sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung und Interessierte aus den verschiedensten gesellschaftlichen Bereichen. Die ÖGPW ist Mitglied der Central European Political Science Association (CEPSA), der European Confederation of Political Science Associations (ECPSA) und der International Political Science Association (IPSA). AUFGABEN DER ÖGPW Förderung der politikwissenschaftlichen […]

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    The United States Mission to International Organizations in Vienna (UNVIE) works with seven major organizations of the United Nations system based in Vienna: the International Atomic Energy Agency; the UN Office on Drugs and Crime; the Preparatory Commission of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization; the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs; the Wassenaar Arrangement; the UN Commission on International Trade Law; and the UN Industrial Development Organization, of which the U.S. is not a member.

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  • ESPI

    The mission of the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is to provide decision-makers with an independent view and analysis on mid- to longterm issues relevant to the use of space.

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  • OIIP


    The oiip was the first Institute in Austria to focus on globalization, European integration, comprehensive security, and the comparative study of international affairs. Established in 1978 by the then Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, the Institute has advised on public policy, conducted primary scientific research, supported the international academic exchange, and played a key role in hosting international conferences and as a venue for second track-diplomacy.

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  • Renner Institut

    Renner Institut

    Das Renner-Institut ist die politische Akademie der österreichischen Sozialdemokratie.

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